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9. Injaian, A. S.,P. L. Gonzalez-Gomez, C. C. Taff, A. K. Bird, A. D. Ziur*, G. L. Patricelli, M. M. F. Haussmann. and J. C. Wingfield. 2019. Assessing maternal and direct effects of experimental traffic noise exposure on nestling corticosterone levels in a free-living bird. General and Comparative Endocrinology 176: 14-21.

8. Injaian, A. S., C. C. Taff, K. L. Pearson*, M. M. Y. Gin*, G. L. Patricelli and M. N. Vitousek. 2018. Effects of experimental chronic traffic noise exposure on adult and nestling corticosterone levels, and nestling body condition in a free-living bird. Hormones and Behavior 106: 19-27. 

7. Injaian, A. S., L. Y. Poon*, and G. L. Patricelli. 2018. Effects of experimental anthropogenic noise on avian settlement patterns and reproductive success. Behavioral Ecology 29: 1181-1189.  

6. Injaian, A. S., C. C. Taff, and G. L. Patricelli. 2018. Experimental anthropogenic noise impacts parental behavior, and nestling physiology and oxidative stress in a non-urban bird. Animal Behaviour 136: 31-39. Press article. Blog media post

5. Tibbetts, E. A., A. S. Injaian, M. Sheehan, E. Wong, and N. Desjardins. 2017. Intraspecific variation in learning: worker wasps are less able to learn and remember individual conspecific faces than queen wasps. American Naturalist 191:.

4. Injaian, A. S. and E. A. Tibbetts. 2015. Advertised quality and resource value affect aggression and social vigilance in paper wasp contests. Animal Behaviour 102: 259-266.

3. Injaian, A. S. and E. A. Tibbetts. 2014. Cognition across castes: Individual recognition in worker Polistes fuscatus wasps. Animal Behaviour 87: 91-96.

2. Tibbetts, E. A. and A. S. Injaian. 2013. Preferential phenotypic association linked with cooperation in paper wasps. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 26: 2350-2358.

1. Belasen, A., E. Burkett, A. S. Injaian, K. Li, D. Allen and I. Perfecto. 2013. Effect of sub-canopy habitat selection in the blue-spotted salamander (Ambystoma laterale-jeffersonianum unisexual complex). Copeia 2: 258-265.

Manuscripts in progress

Injaian, A. S., C. D. Francis, J. Q. Ouyang, D. M. Dominoni, J. W. Donald, M. J. Fuxjager, W. Goymann, M. Hau, J. F. Husak, M. A. Johnson, B. K. Kircher, R. Knapp, L. B. Martin, E. T. Miller, L. A. Schoenle, T. D. Williams and M. N. Vitousek.Anthropogenic disturbance is not related to baseline and stress-induced corticosterone levels in birds or reptiles. In review: Journal of Animal Ecology. 

* denotes undergraduate co-author

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