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Injaian, A., C. C. Taff, and G. L. Patricelli. 2018. Experimental anthropogenic noise impacts parental behavior, and nestling physiology and oxidative stress in a non-urban bird. Animal Behaviour 136: 31-39.

Tibbetts, E. A., A. Injaian, M. Sheehan, E. Wong, and N. Desjardins. 2017. Intraspecific variation in learning: worker wasps are less able to learn and remember individual conspecific faces than queen wasps. American Naturalist 191:.

 Injaian, A. and E. A. Tibbetts. 2015. Advertised quality and resource value affect aggression and social vigilance in paper wasp contests. Animal Behaviour 102: 259-266.

 Injaian, A. and E. A. Tibbetts. 2014. Cognition across castes: Individual recognition in worker Polistes fuscatus wasps. Animal Behaviour 87: 91-96.

 Tibbetts, E. A. and A. Injaian. 2013. Preferential phenotypic association linked with cooperation in paper wasps. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 26: 2350-2358.

Belasen, A., E. Burkett, A. Injaian, K. Li, D. Allen and I. Perfecto. 2013. Effect of sub-canopy habitat selection in the blue-spotted salamander (Ambystoma laterale-jeffersonianum unisexual complex). Copeia 2: 258-265.

Manuscripts in progress

Injaian, A, L. Poon*, and G. L. Patricelli.Effects of experimental anthropogenic noise on avian settlement patterns and reproductive success. In Review.

Injaian, A. S., C. C. Taff, K. L. Pearson*, M. M. Y. Gin*, G. L. Patricelli and M. N. Vitousek. Experimental chronic traffic noise exposure alters adult and nestling corticosterone levels, and reduces nestling body condition in a free-living bird. In Review.

Injaian, A. S., P. Gonzalez-Gomez, C.C. Taff, A. K. Bird, G. L. Patricelli, and J. Wingfield.  Assessing maternal and direct effects of experimental traffic noise exposure on nestling corticosterone levels in a free-living bird. In prep.

* denotes undergraduate co-author


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